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Crystallisation and deposits don’t stand a chance

As diverse as water-carrying systems may be, there is always a risk of clogged pipes that may even force the entire plant to shut down. P.C.S. has THE solution for you: RockAway®

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Reduce residual sludge volumes

The lower residual sludge volumes, the lower storage, further processing and sludge disposal costs. If you use our SECOBLEND products, you will see the results of the dewatering process improve and residual sludge volumes decline.

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Norevo GmbH

wastewater treatment

The capacity of the old sewage plant was no longer sufficient for the company. Our task was to modernise the plant technology, improve the direct discharge values and ensure that they stayed within the improved range.

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We live business, protect the environment and comply with regulations. We develop concepts and procedures and implement them in practice. In short, we deliver turnkey plants - from a one-stop source and a pool of skills and expertise. And we love what we do.

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