P.C.S. phosphorus recovery pilot plant on its way to the Far East

P.C.S. phosphorus recovery pilot plant on its way to the Far East

P.C.S.’s Struvex® process system to recover phosphates offers three solutions to fit all types of sewage plants:

Struvex®B(asic) - MAP precipitation from digested sludge downstream of digestionwith a positive impact on sludge dewatering rates.

Struvex®A(dvanced) - a combination of phosphorus recovery and hydrolysis to substantially increase phosphate recovery rates at bio P sewage plants upstream of the digestion process.

Stuvex C(ombined) - a process that combines phosphate precipitation and additive dosing to recover phosphate from sludge at sewage plants that predominantly rely on chemical phosphate elimination in wastewater treatment.

Phosphate recovery from sewage sludge using the Struvex® system

The Struvex® system is the first to address all aspects of phosphate recovery from sewage sludge. It can be individually adjusted to the specific conditions at and requirements of the sewage plant. Innovative sewage plant operators are interested in the Struvex® process because of the wide range of options it offers. That is also the reason why the first semi-industrial 40" container pilot plant has been delivered to sewage plant operators in China.

Combined with two reactors installed one after the other, the phosphate precipitation plant will demonstrate all options of phosphate recovery at selected sewage plants in China. In view of the latest legal requirements regarding phosphate recycling from sewage sludge the results of the test phase will certainly be of interest to the German market too.

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