SECOBLEND – dewatering to the limit

Before sewage sludge is disposed of or used, it is dewatered. To keep the required separation of solids/liquids as efficient as possible and optimise the results, we at P.C.S. recommend our P.C.S.-developed chemical SECOBLEND agents for precipitation, flocculation and coagulation processes. We started to develop the products due to rising demand from our industrial customers and, increasingly, operators of municipal sewage plants. As we were unable to meet these demands with the standard product range of various manufacturers, we decided to take matters into our hands.

The problem

At some point in the wastewater treatment or sludge treatment process sludge needs to be dewatered and disposed of or further processed. Large sludge volumes cause high transport, storage and incineration costs. Dryer sludge means lower volumes and lower costs.

Our solution

Our SECOBLEND products are individually combined components with specific properties, custom-mixed to meet the needs of the respective water treatment application – be it precipitation, flocculation or coagulation. In other words, inorganic coagulants are individually matched with organic flocculants to suit the specific requirement. For instance, it is possible to synthesise products that combine chemical phosphate precipitation and protein coagulation. For some applications, odour inhibitors are combined with precipitation agents – a procedure that is particularly common in the food industry.

The mixture of individual development, process analysis, sensory analysis and measurement & control technology has a proven track record. There are no interface problems between different companies, so it is possible to realise consistent concepts.

Your benefits

Drawing on many years of experience and equipped with excellent expert knowledge, our employees advise our customers - as they have always done - on how best to proceed, when it comes to separating solids/liquids. This is what our SECOBLEND products help you to achieve:

  • Lower residual sludge volumes
  • Lower storage costs
  • Lower transport costs
  • Lower incineration costs

Target industries

SECOBLEND is used wherever wastewater pollutants are colloidally dissolved and can be flocculated. Our customers come from a wide range of industry sectors. Operators of municipal sewage plants increasingly benefit from SECOBLEND flocculation agents, too.

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