Gebr. Gocksch KG Herford

Gebr. Gocksch KG Herford

Gebr. Gocksch KG, founded in 1948 and based in Herford, is a fourth-generation family-led, medium-sized abattoir. Pigs and cows are slaughtered, the carcasses split and internal organs removed for further processing into sausage products. The company has its own fleet of vehicles to distribute the products.

Due to the highly polluted wastewater generated by the slaughterhouse, the company pre-treats all wastewaters at its own wastewater treatment plant to avoid having to pay the hefty heavy polluter fees due for discharging highly polluted wastewater into the municipal sewerage system. 

After screening the wastewaters (about 150 m³ on slaughter days) are homogenised and neutralised in a mixing and balancing tank. 

After the pH-monitored precipitation and flocculation process fats and non-dissolved wastewater pollutants are removed from the wastewater through flashing flotation. The input values in the wastewater treatment plant discharge were only slightly lower than the loading level of untreated sanitary wastewater so that no wastewater fee surcharges had to be paid.


  • Increase the capacity of the flotation unit to meet current and future requirements
  • Adjust the machinery and electrical system to meet current and future requirements
  • Create storage capacity to store flotation sludge
  • Install an automated wastewater neutralisation system
  • Analyse and optimise the process as a whole

In just three months a bespoke solution was developed in close co-operation with the municipal utility and Herforder Abwasser GmbH.

In particular this included:

  • Conversion of the old flotation unit
  • Installation of a mixing and balancing tank with automated wastewater neutralisation
  • Integration of chemical dosing and storage containers to neutralise and coagulate wastewater pollutants
  • Installation of two sludge holding tanks
  • Modernisation of the machinery and electrical system

Since completion of the modernisation P.C.S. has been supporting the staff of Gocksch in operating the plant under a process-engineering maintenance agreement.


  • wastewater from slaughtering pigs and cows

Wastewater volume:

  • ca. 150 m³/d

Untreated wastewater:

  • COD load: about 4,500 mg/l, nitrogen: about 1,000 mg/l and phosphate: about 80 mg/l

Due to the precipitation, flocculation, neutralisation and flotation realised, the organic load could be reduced by about 80%, the phosphate load by > 90% and the nitrogen load by about 60%.


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