New Sewage Plant at Sutter GmbH

New Sewage Plant at Sutter GmbH

Sutter GmbH produces meat and sausage products for the European food retail sector at various locations in Germany. The company handles over 100t of meat every day, making it one of the leading meat processors in Germany.

Our task was to plan and install a sewage plant at the production site that met the particularly high requirements of the meat and sausage products manufacturer.

The concrete requirement, which involved the treatment of wastewater with heavy organic loads, was to develop a custom-tailored solution and implement it in practice.

The company’s production and cleaning activities generate wildly fluctuating volumes of wastewater with heavy organic loads and varying compositions. The new sewage plant in Rheinhessenblick is an ultra-modern plant equipped to handle all levels of wastewater treatment. It boasts wastewater screening and fat/grease separation, volume and load balancing, neutralisation, nitrification and de-nitrification as well as effluent filtration and sludge thickening equipment.

The new plant combines standard wastewater treatment equipment in a compact concrete tank. To achieve optimum treatment results the equipment is, on top, supported by a flotation unit and an effluent filtration unit. 

The plant’s modern and individual control and visualisation system is connected to the internet and enables almost fully automated wastewater treatment processes.

The plant is designed to treat wastewater coming from two plants. It achieves a purification rate of over 98% with regard to organic load and 95% with regard to phosphate load and nitrogen load.

Wastewater treatment capacity:

  • up to 1,400 m³/day of highly polluted wastewater from the meat production industry

Initial loading level:

  • up to 6,000 mg/l of COD, 70 mg/l of phosphorus and 130 mg/l of total nitrogen

Purification rate:

  • COD < 100 mg/l; total P < 3 mg/l; total N < 30 mg/l


  • Mixing basin and balancing tank with automatic neutralisation
  • Biological level (2-way) for nitrification and COD reduction
  • Upstream de-nitrification
  • Secondary treatment
  • Flotation  
  • Effluent cloth media filtration
  • Sludge thickening

Operations started in:

  • November 2017

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