Norevo GmbH

Norevo GmbH

Norevo GmbH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of raw materials and special ingredients for the food and drinks manufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as well as technical applications.

Norevo offers natural products and functional ingredients, from raw materials – gum arabic, agar, honey, agave syrup, liquorice extract and waxes – all the way to customer-specific qualities.

The production plant of Norevo Produktion GmbH is located in Möhnsen near Hamburg. Here, raw materials (mainly honey, gum arabic, agave concentrate and agar) from all over the world are processed to custom-tailored semi-finished and finished products for the food, drinks manufacturing and pharmaceutical/cosmetics industry.

The wastewater generated by the plant is highly carbon-contaminated (COD) but the concentration of nutrients (such as nitrogen and phosphorus) in the wastewater is low.

After the design planning in spring 2014 by P.C.S. GmbH, the construction was carried out by a third company. In 2018, P.C.S. was commissioned with the daily operation of the plant.

As the Möhnsen location is not connected to a larger municipal sewage plant, Norevo GmbH relies on the old sewage plant that came with the premises.

Production and sanitary wastewaters are discharged into a branch of the River Bille. Both the structure and the technical equipment of the plant were outdated. 

In view of the situation the aims were:

  • Improve and maintain the direct discharge values 
  • Modernise the plant technology
  • Transmit the sewage plant data and monitor the plant from a production centre approximately 400m away
  • Automate most processes, incl. process control and nutrient dosing

After the design planning in spring 2014 by P.C.S. GmbH, the construction was carried out by a third company. In 2018, P.C.S. was commissioned with the daily operation of the plant.

After discussing the design of the new plant, incl. changing the sewage process from batch treatment to continuous treatment with two-phase secondary treatment, approval planning followed in close consultation with the relevant authorities.

In just five months the plant was completely overhauled: intact structures such as two concrete basins were integrated into the concept as biological basin and sludge tank. A new basin and a hall to house the machinery and plant technology were built. The technical equipment (pumps, stirrers, blowers and wastewater screening unit) as well as the switchgear and wiring were replaced. On top, the plant was equipped with measurement technology for automatic operation.

When wastewater is highly contaminated by one pollutant, the waste-activated sludge does not usually settle well. So we installed a two-phase secondary treatment system consisting of lamella separator and flotation unit to separate wastewater and sludge.

Nutrients needed to supplement the required nitrogen and phosphate quantities in the wastewater process are recycled fully automatically from dry solid fertilisers (urea and ammonium phosphate), which are processed to a nutrient solution in a batching station and dosed as required. 

Since the successful completion of the conversion work, P.C.S. GmbH has been supporting the plant operation and the operating personnel of Norevo Produktion GmbH within the scope of process engineering maintenance and operational management of the wastewater treatment plant.

Untreated wastewater volume and loading level:

  • about 60 m³/d to 100 m³/d with a COD loading level of between 3,000 mg/l and 8,000 mg/l

Direct discharge with the efficiency levels:

  • Wastewater screening,  load balance and mass balance, neutralisation, biological level, phosphate  precipitation, two-phase  secondary treatment using lamella separator and flotation unit, facultative lagoon, sludge piling and static thickening

 COD purification rate:

  • 98% reduction


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