Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The higher the quality of the industrial wastewater discharged into the sewerage system, the lower the company’s costs. Great, but how does that work in practice?

P.C.S. delivers turnkey wastewater treatment plants. On request, we will be happy to provide planning services to help you right from the start of the project. We never lose sight of the economic, safety-relevant and regulatory requirements.

The problem

Industrial firms in particular need a lot of water - process water to clean or cool, dilute or soften things. After use it is discharged into the sewerage system or a water body or recycled. However before that it must be thoroughly treated to remove impurities. If a company does not have its own wastewater treatment plant, it can be very costly to dispose of wastewater (key word: heavy polluter fees).

Our solution

After carefully analysing your situation, P.C.S. will offer you a package consisting of combined plant elements and processes that meets your exact needs. Our employees are highly committed to what they do and virtually become a part of your team while the project is under way. On request we will be pleased to deliver the whole plant installation package: pre-planning services with a key focus on the project’s economic viability, dealing with authorities and - as an experienced plant engineering services provider - delivery of the turnkey wastewater treatment plant. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We analyse wastewater and advise you on how to prevent wastewater-intensive segregated streams
  • We offer creative planning, perform a cost analysis and develop a bespoke concept that is not bound to a specific system or manufacturer
  • We guarantee that all approval procedures are in compliance with wastewater laws
  • We offer turnkey wastewater treatment plant installation and operation monitoring services

What we promise you: professional project management, smooth operation and guaranteed compliance with the required discharge values

Your benefits

Rely on our expertise and you will:

  • enjoy lower costs,
  • take corporate responsibility for the environment,
  • benefit from proven and creative skills,
  • no longer need to deal with red tape, and
  • save your energy for where it’s needed: in day-to-day operations.

Target industries

Our customers come from all industry sectors, in particular from the:

  • food industry
  • drinks manufacturing industry
  • metal processing industry
  • paint and varnish manufacturing industry
  • textile industry
  • tank cleaning industry
  • paper manufacturing industry
  • fruit processing industry
  • wood processing industry and
  • chemical industry

Our references

Norevo GmbH

wastewater treatment

The capacity of the old sewage plant was no longer sufficient for the company. Our task was to modernise the plant technology, improve the direct discharge values and ensure that they stayed within the improved range.

Project Details

5N Plus Lübeck GmbH

wastewater treatment

P.C.S. was asked to lower the bismuth concentration in wastewater discharged into the sewerage system for a manufacturer of metal products and speciality chemicals.

Project Details

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Professional wastewater treatment

P.C.S. is known worldwide for the key technologies it developed: floatation, lamella separation and biological procedures. Our engineers have painstakingly developed and optimised them over many years, which is why they can tell you exactly what solution fits your needs.

We think multi-dimensionally and help you to reuse resources

We at P.C.S. combine wastewater, energy and environmental engineering knowledge. Among others, we are able to take account of how to reuse treated water when we plan your custom-tailored plant. We help you to recycle wastewater and use energy that would otherwise be wasted.

We combine for you – bespoke products

Our P.C.S.-developed SECOBLEND wastewater flocculation products will ensure continuous smooth operation of your wastewater treatment plant. They can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements. By combining individual components we create a product that meets your needs in every aspect.

We help you grow – modular step-by-step solutions

You already operate a plant that requires more maintenance time than you can afford or that simply does not meet your needs? Or a large-scale solution is currently not within your budget? Why not work on a modular basis. We will show you the way - step by step.

P.C.S. Floatation units

push up and remove – compact stainless steel modular plants

Floatation units have proven to be a highly effective wastewater treatment solution and many industry sectors rely on it. They are particularly suited to separate lighter substances or dispersely dissolved wastewater pollutants such as, e.g. fat or oil, in industrial wastewater. Floatation units are also typically deployed to separate flocculated pollutants and non-separated, light waste-activated sludge - e.g. downstream of conventional secondary treatment.

Our floatation process uses the flashing procedure. We make sure that the air bubbles blown into the system are highly dense and homogenous and intensively mixed into the wastewater to be treated.

The technique

In a cycle process a segregated stream of treated wastewater is saturated with air under pressure. The pressurised dispersion water thus generated is fed back to the floatation cell as dense and homogenous air bubbles and mixed intensively with the wastewater.

The upward-floating air bubbles of a size of < 40 μm push all non-dissolved wastewater pollutants to the surface of the floatation cell. From there a belt scraper is used to remove them from the wastewater as thickened flotation sludge. To generate the dispersion water, we usually use multi-phase pumps.

Advantages of our flotation systems

  • Compact and modular stainless steel design
  • Individually adaptable plant sizes, ranging from throughput rates of 2 m³/h to 200 m³/h; two model ranges are available
  • Optimised, highly dense and homogenous air bubble injection results in optimum pollutant separation rates
  • Extremely robust scraper system, adjusted to achieve maximum solid concentrations in the flotation sludge, which minimises your disposal costs

The choice is yours

  • Turnkey solutions as modules or overall process-engineering solution; on request we supply the associated equipment (mixing basins and balancing tanks, adjustable feed pumps, flocculation reactors or pipe flocculators, dosing systems, flotation sludge pumps and sludge basin) fully piped and wired, including central or de-central automation of the plant
  • Turnkey containerised plants of a throughput rate of up to 30 m³/h

Our know-how

xtensive experience in a wide range of sectors (dairy industry, abattoirs, dye industry, fishing industry, textile industry, tank cleaning industry, oily and greasy production processes and in industrial and municipal sludge separation and sludge thickening)